we are currently seeking collaborators! we are looking to
put on other events, potentially in conjunction with other
artist and/or music collectives. whether you’re based in
new york city, another city in the US, or internationally, let
us know if you’re interested in being a co-conspirator…
email: spitinfo@mailas.com
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the day job: march 27, 2004

touch and go: september 6, 2003
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spit and duct tape alumni now based out on the west coast, he is killing us with an amazing new double shot of sets, download it free and DANCE! we miss you in nyc ripley and kid k...

kid kameleon

we heart

past sndt participant rockin it in boston:
big red and shiny

***NEW***artist opportunity***

this is from a good friend in san francisco, a past sndt participant, peep this:

Bullfight Review, a literary magazine, is looking for art (preferably) in series, for publication in issue #2, due out early next year.

If you have something you'd like to submit, send it our way. The magazine, about 130 pages, has a matte color cover, and black and white inside pages.

The web version of the magazine, and information on submitting art for the print version, can be found at:

***NEW***artist opportunity***

this is from an old friend who's now out in baltimore, check it out:

d r a f t i n g
"now entering our 5th assemblage"

basically it'll be something
perhaps akin to duchamp's box
or neil diamond's box set
hopefully between somewhere--there is no one aesthetic other than the aesthetic, or if you d prefer, all aesthetics point to one aesthetic so, as ivan says, 'all is permitted'

anything may be submitted
cd's. lp's. visual works. writing. math. pictures. money.
but please keep in mind that i'm gonna be mailing them out 'on my own dime', so postage/weight/should be considered, otherwise only people in my vicinity will be able to have their very own artistic sisyphus boulder

it works this way; send 10 submissions multiple 'one of a kind' or micro-produced and then after 10 submissions have been received, an issue appears i'd even take pop tsongas

realize that it 'taint precious so if your submission makes great wrapping paper, it may be used as such, but please, take it easy, this should be enjoyable

ideally, then, a month or two passes and a 'release' 'launch' or, better yet, brunch will be scheduled somewhere and we'll have a thing (the switch from the first person singular, to first plural marks my good intentions) though, thus far, brunch, release or launch have yet to happen

either email questions kevin.thurston@gmail.com
or mail your bundle of joy, or, indeed, a question to
drafting/k thurston
2647 n calvert st apt 1
baltimore md 21218

***artist opportunity***

we love the boys over at halcyon, and they’re looking for art work.
we’re passing along their info in case you, or someone you know, might
be interested in submitting something to them.

below is what they’re looking for…

halcyon gallery seeks artists
Got art? If so, we've got a 37' wall that's begging to be filled with it. If you are an artist with fresh urban style and original works to show, please get in touch here for details - include images/links f you have them: art@halcyonline.com
halcyon the shop is part record shop, part clothing boutique, and part gallery. For further info or to make an appointment to show your work, contact: shawn@halcyonline.com.


you can view images from the TAGTEAM show here:

click here for images

We'd like to thank everybody for coming out and making this event fabulous. So many people getting to meet each other, great energy, interesting art, and bangin music, it made us so happy.

Thanks to all the artists, musicians, dj's , kind souls/volunteers, and the couple hundred people who came out to support collaborations. We give props to the artists who took on a residency in the space to create their artwork for the show.

the tank
bryan kasenic
megan gavin
brooke dileone
lars parrington

thanks also to all those who have listed us and continue to list or write up our events:
newsday ny, flavorpill ny, time out ny, ny press, DKS douglas kelley list, nonsense nyc, beyond events, instantcoffee canada

This show explored what happens when two (or more) people from different disciplines or different ways of working interact on a shared idea. We want to explore how their individual methods correspond and clash, cross-fertilize, provoke, or self-destruct, and how the working process affects what physically comes out of that collaboration.

The collaborative art effort does not necessarily have to revere the tagteam as magical/wonderful/larger than a single person, but we’re excited by it as a different way of working, a way of letting go of your own working methods, and as a challenge.

This was our first experiment with a residency program, and we hope to continue with it...

Spit and Duct Tape Productions, in conjunction with The Kids Are Bored and spaceworks @ The Tank presented:

TAGTEAM: Saturday, July 10th, 2004, 7PM - 1AM
because there's no i in art.

Artists included:
Ramona Banzaca + Bengala (B. Tischer + Gala Verdugo) *resident
Pam + John (Pam Buchwald + John Delk) *resident
Pants Avengers (Craig F + Janina M) *resident
Melanie Daniel + Ariel Kleiner
Matt Moroz + Morag Kydd (Black Rainbow Collective)
Larrisa Bates + Dave Bartlett
Daniel Kelly + Mike Bowman
Meredith Carruthers + Gregory King
Harvey loves Harvey
Phil Toledano + Craig Damrauer
Ryan Compton + Nolen Strals (Print Thugs)
Casey Brooks + Raquelle Stiefler
Karen Schoellkopf + Diana Parrington

Musicians, DJs, and Live Video included:
Innovaders (live)
Socks and Sandals (live)
DJ Ripley + Kid Kameleon
Secret Frequency Crew (Egg Foo Young + Krull)
Dan Vatsky + Mike Berk (live video + live audio)
Crazy Rhythms Crew (Dan Selzer + Mike Simonetti)


our beloved venue who has graciously hosted two of our events, and co-ordinated our residency program, is losing their home. check out the remaining programs they will be putting on here
or see what you can do to help here

Want to know more about us?
check out the website and see our past shows
contact us at: spitinfo@mailas.com