we are currently seeking collaborators! we are looking to
put on other events, potentially in conjunction with other
artist and/or music collectives. whether you’re based in
new york city, another city in the US, or internationally, let
us know if you’re interested in being a co-conspirator…
email: spitinfo@mailas.com
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the day job: march 27, 2004

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we know we’re supposed to be all gushy about k-48, force--field, -beige-, and derrain-drop, but here’s some other people doing really cool stuff who aren’t art stars (yet):

-oh, we got new ones too-

found magazine - ann arbor, MI
a magazine that focuses on the heartbreaking tales and funny/silly/weird things that people leave in the garbage, or just out in public in general. we found the first issue of this magazine in san francisco acouple of years back, and have been delighted to find that they've kept at it, expanded, and even done a "slapdance across america tour 2004"...there are just so many good moments in this magazine, any issue, please go buy it immediately.

chengwin - NYC
you make us laugh chengwin, and you make art fun. we can't wait to see where chabio turns up...

cannonball press - NYC
all prints for sale, for $25. how cool. truly affordable art. our personal favorite title: "so mad he shit on the street". we've been that mad before, but never had the follow thru.

bullfight review - san francisco, CA
an online literary magazine which has evolved also into actual print. like mcsweeney's, without the pretensions (oh don't get us wrong, we like mcsweeney's as much as the next literary loser, but...)

retard riot – cyberspace
who is this person? dunno, but we’ve been checking the site periodically, and you should too…

active collaboration – Toronto, Canada
these guys are really pushing things in Toronto, and recently collaborated with outpost 42 for a show in an area that reminds us of what williamsburg must have been 10 years ago, lots of good people and interesting stuff coming outta here.

the third floor. - Brooklyn
they rock. they promote local talent and community, and really, what more could you ask for?

spaceworks @ the tank – NYC
they really just want to bring cool things to nyc.

toyshop collective - Brooklyn
ok, maybe you haven’t noticed, but we LOVE LOVE LOVE swoon. seriously. we’ve been stalking her for some time, and she has responded not with mace but by actually coming out to one of our events. awesome. we will continue to use the stalking method as a viable way to meet people.

moonbunny – Berlin, Germany
out of the ashes of NYC’s opiate records springs this electronic label in Berlin. 100% quality and promoting the same amazing music they’ve believed in for years. and we’d expect nothing less.

tooth and nail magazine – Brooklyn
DIY and still doing it, interviews, music, art, politics, feminism. props to this zine for keepin it real.

jeff bailey gallery – NYC
this gallery has yet to let us down. impeccable taste.

postmasters gallery – NYC
the kind of gallery that consistently exhibits interesting art, often quite political, always worth the shlep to Chelsea.

repellent magazine – NYC
they seems to be really pushing worthy things, like art + music + politics + a forum for it to all happen. check it out online tho, cause the print version is a bit rich for our blood.

free103.9 - Brooklyn
what can we say? they’re doing it, and making us better for it. check them out.

mighty robot – (401 wythe avenue) - Brooklyn
guess they don’t have a website or anything, but we had the opportunity to wander into a show here, and saw a band doing a punk cover of duran duran’s “the chauffer”. we just about melted. awesome rooftop view, live video + music, and the pbr is cold.

acute records - Brooklyn
dark overlord dan selzer’s record label. he knows more about music than you can ever dream to. No. We promise, he knows more than you do. and he runs this group, check it out: nyhappenings

activaire – NYC
ok. 100 points for style, baby. they fashion music for public and private spaces. no more muzak, this is the real deal.

beyond events - NYC
best listings for the most interesting electronic music to hear around nyc. why? because bryan, who writes it, is everywhere, and has impeccable taste.

-who we continue to love-

the madagascar institute - NYC
these kids are crazy. we watch them with a tiny bit of jealousy and a great deal of pride as they seriously just make a mess, cause a riot, and soak in it…

buy-sellf - Bordeaux, France
these kids do not mess around, and are in the process of putting together a new catalog of their artists work for 2004. they draw from artists all over france, but also a few other European countries, a couple Canadians, and a few Americans, and the work, well, you have to see it to believe it.

wooster collective. - NYC
the Wooster collective rocks because they have compiled an intense amount of street, graffiti, and sticker art into one site. check it out and stay a while.

instant coffee - a bunch of different spots in Canada
not only do they rock exhibitions and send out great listings, they also are wonderfully tongue-in-cheek…

space 1026 ) - Philly, PA
philly based artists collective, some promising stuff going on over here…

flux factory - NYC/queens
they have a huge space and some rather wonderful ideas about community and collaboration…

pocket - Binghamton NY
don’t think they have a website, but if you’re in
Binghamton, check these kids out, they’ve got a space and they’re throwing interesting shows

seripop - Canada
posters and design, and they’re a little punk rock about it in a way that makes us happy.

we are change agent - NYC
ummmmm, we love swoon. you should too. and shadetek too.

nonsense nyc - NYC
jeff stark puts out this wonderful listing of great things to do on a mostly regular basis. He is good at filtering the crap from the truly interesting.

the kids are bored.com - NYC
a live electronic music resource for wherever you are. anywhere in the world. dig it.

recordcamp - NYC
every single person associated with this record label is nice. and the music rocks. how does that happen?