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the day job: march 27, 2004

touch and go: september 6, 2003
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The Day Job

You can view pictures from the day job, our art and live electronic music event March 27, 2004, here:

click here for images

Thank you all so much for the amazing turnout for "the day job", you love us, you really really love us!

Thanks to all the artists, musicians, volunteers, and the couple hundred people who came out to think about work on their off hours.

We showcased artists who support themselves with a day job. The business of the art world fosters a separation between ones’ creative endeavors and the ways in which they are funded. We find there’s an interesting disparity between the unacknowledged dirty secret of a day job and the influence it has on ones artwork.

14 artists, musicians, and dj's came together for a night of installations, painting, photography, video, performance, affordable multiples, t-shirts, music, and other assorted editioned and one of a kind work, and live electronic music and dj's.

These are the folks that took part:


Lisa Bennett
Virgil Wong
Alex Confer
Sarah Small
Jeff Stark
Liz Tascio
Barbra Walker
Jennifer Sanchez
Giles Hendrix

live musicians and performers:

Charles Cohen
Jon Keith Brunelle
Velapene Screen
DJ Kevin


Corey Maass. even tho he is one of us. we still thank him.

More thanks go out to:

Mike Rosenthal and Daniel Greenfeld at spaceworks @ The Tank, *Diana Parrington*, Megan Gavin, Adesh Desoran and Lara Weisenthal, and of course, Brooklyn Brewery.

Thanks to those who have given us very nice press + listings, we really appreciate it.