we are currently seeking collaborators! we are looking to
put on other events, potentially in conjunction with other
artist and/or music collectives. whether you’re based in
new york city, another city in the US, or internationally, let
us know if you’re interested in being a co-conspirator…
email: spitinfo@mailas.com
who we are
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the day job: march 27, 2004

touch and go: september 6, 2003
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who we are:

Spit and Duct Tape Collective is a collective of artists and musicians
who want to bring other artists, musicians, and YOU together for a rockin party and spontaneous creativity. We're seeking alternatives to the gallery system for art, and also solidarity with the innovative experimentation of the electronic music scene.

Karen Schoellkopf
Chief Organizer + founding member, co-music + co-art curator, promotion, web content

Corey H. Maass
Co-music curator, booking, web + flyer design, promotion

Diana Parrington
Co-art curator, co-organizer

Sigrid Jakob
Founding member, co-curator

Mike Rosenthal and Daniel Greenfeld at spaceworks @ The Tank
Kevin Lahoda
Adesh Desoran + Lara Weisenthal
Bryan Kasenic
Johanna Evans + Edward Cooley
Brooklyn Brewery
Megan Gavin
Brooke Dileone
Lars Parrington
Tim Howell
Michelle Mercurio
Dan Toulson
Dan Uberall
James Telfer
Adrienne Deppe
Sharon Mooney
Rebecca Alvarez
Adam Bell
Matthew Kronsberg
Jeremy Chien
Charles Traub
Okhyun Ahn
Jim Kramek
Kristen Persinos
Daniel at [*]penair